Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To See Maharashtra shine on the national and international tennis scene , nurture pool of tennis players by Developing Courts (Infrastructure) , Empowering Coaches and Competition Structure . Encourage people to play tennis and help conquer new lifestyle diseases and contribute to good health and increase overall happiness index and Create livelihood opportunities through the sport of tennis.

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Our Mission
  • To Promote the sport of tennis breaking the barriers of sex, caste , religion and geographical boundaries in the state and make it one of the most preferred sport.
  • To create a strong foundation and environment for the sport of tennis by Creating Right Infrastructure, Coaching and Competition structure to ensure someone plays tennis somewhere everyday.
  • To imbibe the Core Values Integrity, Inclusiveness, Commitment, Accountability leading to Excellence and helping Our tennis players achieve global recognition in Tennis on all fronts.
  • To collaborate with Clubs and District Affiliates , National tennis Association and Government Agencies to ensure the spread of the Sport from the grass roots , create a vast talent pool and raising the standard of tennis players by organizing Regional , National and International events and making them globally competitive.
  • Continually strive towards excellence by providing outstanding service and value to sponsors and all other stakeholders.
Our Partners
  • MSLTA Under 10 tennis circuit
  • Tennis Hub India
  • Enerzal - Energy & elctrolyte drink
Event Associates
  • All India Tennis Association
  • Asian Tennis Fedaration
  • International Tennis Number
  • International Tennis Fedaration