Resumption of Tennis in Maharashtra

2nd July, 2021

Dear Players and Parents

Greetings on behalf of MSLTA !!!

As you all aware that we had tried to ensure Resumption of Tennis in Maharashtra early this year, things also looked bright until the second wave of Covid stopped all our activities in March.

We are keen to resume competitions and tennis activities soon under proper Covid protocols as soon as the state governments gives necessary permissions.

We are thinking about starting Men’s, Ladies and Senior events for our players above 18 years. We therefore request players to get vaccinated as this will be one of the preconditions for entries into all tournaments once tennis is resumed.

Vaccination will also prove helpful to players for National and International travel as these will be made mandatory by all States and countries soon.

We would request you and your parents to take vaccination as soon as you can and join the National cause.

If anyone needs help in getting vaccinated in your respective cities kindly get in touch with your local MSLTA Office Bearers or Council Members who will help you in facilitating your vaccine because if we are vaccinated soon life can get back to normal again.

MSLTA Council and its Tournament Committee have prepared an elaborate plan to ensure that our players get back to courts with tournaments such as Junior Leagues, District Championships, Inter Club events at local levels and also AITA and International Ranking events as soon as we get permissions to conduct the same.

We pray that you and your families all stay safe and see you all on the courts soon.

Warm Regards,


Bharat Oza                            Sunder Iyer                            Sudhir Bhiwapurkar

(President)                               (Hon Secretary)                           (Treasurer)


Rajeev Deshpande                Rajiv Desai                             Council Members 

(Jt Secretary)                               (Jt Secretary)                              MSLTA

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