Over 100 entries for Mumbai Leg of MSLTA SUHANA SMART 10’s TENNIS CIRCUIT  

Over 100 entries for Mumbai Leg of MSLTA SUHANA SMART  10’s TENNIS CIRCUIT  

Pune, May 20:  Over 100 entries have been received  for the Mumbai leg of the MSLTA Suhana Smart  Tennis 10’s Tennis Circuit , this is the second  event of the circuit after Baramati , the event will be organised by the Mumbai Suburban Tennis Association at Practennis , Andheri . The event

The circuit sponsored by Suhana will be played over 15 districts in Maharashtra, with camps being organised for top 8 players in the Boys and Girls  after every 3 months of tournaments

Following are the seedings:
Boys: 1. Adhiraj DUDHANE, 2. Aarav CHHALLANI, 3. Vir CHATTUR, 4. Neev SHETH, 5. Taksheel NAAGAR, 6. Shlok ALAND, 7. Soham RATHOD, 8. YASHWANTRAJE PAwar

Girls: 1. Shrushti SURYAVANSHI, 2. Tamanna NAIR, 3. Myra SHAIKH, 4. Harsha DESHPANDE, 5. Shamiksha SHETTY, 6. Rumi GADIA.

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