Along with tennis, MSLTA aims at development of all-round personality. We provide tennis coaching as well as training on physical conditioning / fitness, metal training and social traits like sportsman spirit. Players are accompanied by Coaches during important tournaments. Tennis coaching covers teaching of stoke production, drills, specific technical corrections, rally, supervised match play etc. All trainees are assessed regularly. Half yearly reports is made and forwarded to parents. The report gives detailed information about progress of trainees in the field of tennis / physical fitness. Players are promoted to next group / court on the basis of such reports and related assessments.

    The admission for regular Coaching programme starts from February every year and coaching term commence from 1st of April every year.We have the following regular coaching schemes:

    • Junior Regular Coaching Group: Aim of this scheme is to introduce tennis to youngsters. This group is for youngsters between 5 to 16 years of age. Five years is the minimum age to enroll in this tennis school. Trainees of this group usually train for three sessions per week. More sessions can be allotted in some special cases. Players are promoted to next court/group as per their performance.
      Training duration: 1 Hour (Tennis 45 mins. + Physical Training 15 mins.)
    • Mini Tournament Group: This group is a bunch of selected trainees who have the potential to perform better and have the talent to come up at National and International Level. They will be trained six days a week. They get intensive tennis training of one and half hour per session.
      Training duration: 2 hrs. 15 Minutes (Tennis 1 ½ hour + Physical Training 45 mins.)
    • Advance Group: This group consists of players who are already performing a National and International Level. They are given professional training on all the aspects of the game. MSLTA extends Scholarship and other supports to these players.
      Training duration: 3 ½ hrs. (Tennis 2 ½ hour + Physical Training 1 hour)
    • College students and Adults Coaching Group: College students (16 to 23 years) and adults can also avail the coaching facility. Adults and College students have some selected sessions in the morning and evening.
      Training duration: 1 hr. (Tennis 45 mins + Physical Training 15 mins.)
    Any person can utilize this facility in non-regular coaching hours. Players have to book the courts in advance. Assistant Coaches may be engaged for individual coaching during this period.
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